I am a sculptor living in the UK.

I love the rhythmical simplicity of hand carving; hollows, dips, mountains, rivers; landscapes and civilisations all appear in the stone before my eyes. My sculptures emerge out of a feeling of ancient primeval forms and a harmony in the process of the work its self – patterns which reflect our relationship to our selves, one another and the universe.


Carving forms with strong symbolic language – a circle, an egg, a spiral; a smooth to rough surface – these basic impulses to create visual impact and speak beyond words are what I like to see and create in a work.

I try to give each piece a sense of timelessness and innate form; a living presence that grows. The natural world of plants and animals and landscape has a huge influence on me. My carving reflects my feelings for my external surrounding landscape, as well as what is going on inside me.

DSC_0827 DSC_0834

The power of touch, the feeling that “this is real”, is a central theme in my work. I create on impulse, out of an inner necessity to find peace, balance and meaning within my own life.

I like to work with off-cuts of stone: the flawed, cracked, inconsistent pieces of stone; making beautiful that which is seen as worthless. Through working with the challenges in irregular rough stones, each piece develops a unique character that would be lost in carving clean cut consistent blocks of stone.


I like to carve directly into the stone, without making models, though occasionally I do use models. However I do draw onto the stone itself. I sit with the stone for long enough until a clear idea emerges on the surface of my mind. I work mainly with punch, claw, and chisel. I think of carving as a bit like a conversation with the stone – I impose a design and the stone responds by revealing its own inner nature – its crystals, and fossils. My design then has to evolve around the difficulties inherent in the structure of the stone. There is a form within the stone which I try to uncover.



Letter carving is a way of fusing the worlds of poetry and craft together.  I like to draw on spiritual texts; words which have deep meaning for me. Through the carving of them, they become my mantra. I see letter forms as abstract sculptures in themselves, and sensitively designed, they can give the text an added personal touch.